Ulta Haul!

For my wedding, in less than two months, I’m not paying someone to do my makeup. We’re having something pretty relaxed and simple, and I don’t want my face to look super out of the ordinary. But with that I do want everything on my face to stay on all day, and to look really good, since you only get one chance at wedding pictures that you have for the rest of your life! With that in mind, Ulta became my new best friend for buying stuff online after spending forever looking at reviews. Here’s what two orders and something like a hundred dollars got me:



I’ve tried various forms of waxing and sugaring before, everything from DIY stuff to a salon. I wasn’t super impressed with having someone else do it (though I’d be willing to try a different place and person), and I burnt myself once making my own sugaring gel. People raved about Parissa at-home waxing, so I decided to try it out.

Parissa – Face & Body Sugar [$12.99]
I tried this sugar/wax on my right leg, and Nair wax strips on my left. I swear this stuff hurt a little bit less, but that could easily be my imagination 🙂 It did leave a noticeable amount of hairs here and there, but I’m guessing some of that is simply because I’m new to using it and could have done a better job. It worked really well for touching up the places that I missed, and the leg that got the sugar was less sensitive than the other, which could have been from the oil it came with to slather on your freshly waxed parts.

Parissa – Wax Strips [$9.99]
I liked how small these were for waxing my upper lip. They did a fantastic job pulling those little hairs, but struggled with my underarm hair, and left a few tiny bumps above my lip. I probably would buy them again, just for my face, but they didn’t seem to handle thick hairs well.



Lee Stafford – Blinding Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner [$9.99]
I was intrigued by the idea of toning shampoo to help get rid of the fading my hair has towards the end. I’m naturally a dark brunette with hair that lightens quickly in the sun, but I’ve been dying my hair sporadically for a few years after a friend gave me highlights (that I loved, but didn’t want to keep up) that I wanted to blend back into my hair. I could only find a few reviews of this shampoo, but they were very positive, so I went for it. My opinion?  It’s just so-so. Maybe I was expecting a little too much from it, but I can’t decide if it actually made my hair color look better, or if cutting a few inches off the ends helped with the brassy/reddish tint. Mostly I don’t like how it makes my hair feel. My second-day hair is great, but the first day my hair feels a little gunky and it’s not very smooth.

Olay – Complete Night Fortifying Moisture Cream [$13.99]
This stuff is great! It hasn’t made me break out at all, doesn’t feel greasy as I go to sleep, and my skin feels super soft in the morning. Awesome. That’s all.

Marc Anthony – Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner [$7.99]
I’m restraining myself from opening this until my current shampoo/conditioner is gone, just so I don’t have endless open bottles of hair stuff that I forget about. I’m excited to try sulfate-free shampoo, especially if it’s less irritating and can fix whatever weirdness is making my scalp dry.



Eco Tools – Bamboo Foundation Brush [$7.49]
I’m not a brush expert, in fact this is the first foundation brush I’ve owned, but I like it. The brush is soft, it isn’t losing bristles, and it definitely makes putting on foundation easier, which for the price is pretty great.

Maybelline – Full ‘N Soft Mascara (Very Black) [$7.49]
This is my everyday mascara. I like that it’s waterproof , since I live in a pretty wet area and it never smudges during the day. My old one was starting to get clumpy, so this was a replacement.

NYX – Powder Blush (Peach & Pinched) [$5.99]
I would buy this blush again, but I’d want to see the colors in the store. I was a little disappointed by how pink the “peach” looked on my face – what I wanted was a more beige-y rather than pink-y. Both colors also are much more pigmented/bright than what I’m used to, so it took a few tries to get just the right amount on my face, but once I got the hang of it they looked good.

Mally – 4pc Gift w/ Purchase [free with $50 purchase]
This little bag had two eyeliners, a mascara, and a lipgloss. Worst to best … Lipgloss: It felt funny, and the brush was weird to use for applying it. Mascara: I really like this stuff! It went on smooth and made my lashes look great, but by the end of the day a little had smudged under my eyes. Eyeliners, in midnight and royal plum colors: Wow! This is probably the best eyeliner I’ve ever used. The pencil just glides over your skin in a perfect line, and it’s crazy waterproof. Getting if off was the only challenge I had.


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