Birchbox [April 2014] (& Mini Haul)

1-IMG_2790Birchbox unboxing time!


Almost every month I can’t help but cheat and peek at what I’m getting when it feels like my box is taking too long to ship, so nothing was a surprise. But, I didn’t know what colors/flavors I was getting, so there was a tine bit of anticipation there ūüôā I wasn’t hugely excited about anything except the KIND bar, but I ended up pleasantly surprised by how much I liked my box!


KIND bar (Maple Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt) [$11.88 for 15]
I love that these are GMO free/whole grain/healthy and all that. They have a full serving of whole grains, a good amount of fiber, and less sugar/fat/sodium than a candy bar. They don’t have as much protein as other bar-snack-things, but I would love to have these on hand as an on-the-go snack!¬†Since they ship free from Birchbox, it’s actually a good deal to buy from them, at least if you’re like me and don’t live near a grocery store that carries them.

Color Club (Gala’s Gems Collection, Breakfast at …) [$13 for the whole set]
I’m not a huge nail polish person, but I was excited to put a new color on my toes that was so light and spring-y.¬†The color went on well, and at least in the first day hasn’t chipped. I really like getting small bottles like this, since I never use polish fast enough!

Sumita (Color Contrast Eyeliner, Jamun/Deep Purple) [$11]
Eyeliner isn’t something I wear on a regular basis, especially not purple, but I was really happy with this pencil. Lately I’ve been learning more about makeup, and realizing that a lot of my problems with making it look good is simply that I was using low quality makeup and tools. This eyeliner went on smooth, but also came off easily when I made a mistake. The purple is really dark, which is great as an everyday color that still has a little fun to it.

Gilchrist & Soames (Spa Therapy Body Wash) [$15]
I have so many random body washes and soaps that ¬†I figured there was no way I’d want to buy the full size. So of course, I ended up loving it. My skin actually does feel softer after using it, and it has a nice barely even noticeable scent.¬†If I ever feel like splurging on body wash sometimes I’ll buy this stuff!

Miss Jessie’s (Transitioner’s Magic) [$22]
I’ve used Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls and currently use Jelly Soft Curls, and like¬†both of those products. This stuff wasn’t hold my wavyish curlyish hair as well as the Jelly Soft Curls, but it did feel soft as well as controlled. The smell wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t my favorite, so I wouldn’t ¬†get the full size bottle.

And for some bonus Birchbox awesomeness, I bought a few things that arrived within a few days of my monthly box! I used some of my saved-up points, so this all cost me $30.


Paula’s Choice (Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner) [$18]
I’ve been trying to step up my daily skincare routine to try and get my skin to look better for my wedding in June, and from my research I decided that adding toner at bedtime would be a good idea, and this one had good ratings. I’ve only used it a few times, so I can’t comment on the long-term effects, but it hasn’t dried out my skin or made me break out. Unlike the astringent I tried using in high school, this stuff does not burn my face, which is great! I’m crossing my fingers that in a month I’ll really be seeing better skin.

Caudalie (Divine Oil) [$32]
This was definitely a splurge item. I got a sample of it forever ago, and liked it a lot, but it’s pricey. It is so great though for having a “dewy” look on my arms and legs without actually feeling oily. A tiny bit is great for shiny hair too! I like the spray bottle, but I feel like the spray is either too misty and some of the oil lands on the floor, or it gets clogged(?) and I might as well be pouring it out of the bottle.

Mystery Sample Pack! Probably the best one I’ve gotten yet in an order.
Color Club (Baldwin Blues)
This went perfectly with the green from my box.

Coastal Scents (Reveled Palette Sampler)
I liked how well the sample colors worked together! They blended easily and looked nice. My one complaint is that overall they were a little more shimmery than I usually like for daily wearing. I was really glad to be able to try out Coastal Scents, since the palette/brush combos BB has are tempting!


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