Just A Small Town Girl …

I’ve always avoided big cities. All of the cars and constant noise stresses me out, and the general lack of trees is just a bit sad. But even though I never saw myself living somewhere like downtown Seattle, I really never thought I’d ever call a small rural town with no stoplights my home. Here I am though, almost four months into my life in a place with no bank and a single gas station that occasionally is closed because it runs out of gas before the next truckload arrives, Yeah, not really my kind of town, but I’ve learned recently that I’m no exception to people doing crazy things for love.

When my first-year-science-teacher of a boyfriend took a job four hours away from our old city, I braced myself for a long distance kind of thing. Turns out that long distance really sucks. And after a whole 2 months of living far apart, boyfriend became fiance, and I made plans to quit my jobs and move at the end of winter break. So I left the town I’d lived in for 5 years, moved my life’s belongings for the 2nd time since June, and found myself a trailer.

Because small towns apparently all have small houses, and the easiest way to get a small house is to find one you could move with a very large truck.

This new life hasn’t been easy. When I’ve complained to my friends about the ants (!) that have recently appeared in my trailer-park trailer, I got the response of “that is the most hick thing you’ve ever said”. They’re totally right. Some of that will get better when fiance becomes husband and we move in together – his house (okay, trailer, but it’s 20 years newer and a lot nicer than mine) doesn’t have mice, and does look out over the water. In the fall I will likely have a permanent job at the school rather than subbing. But the fact that making friends in your 20s is hard, especially when there aren’t many to choose from, won’t change. The fact that it’s generally rainy and during the winter the sun seems to set obscenely early won’t change. The fact that growing up and moving on from old faces and places really won’t change.

Sometimes it feels like every day is a little battle where I have to fight to find the good and joyful and bright things in life. I want this blog to capture those attempts to seek happy sunshine even when it’s (metaphorically and literally) raining. So here begins my journey to find joy in a small town.


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